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More than 300 million children and their families are suffering from a rare / orphan disease worldwide. 

Not many people know the diseases nor the situation and suffering of people affected. 

Black Nose® is unique, it builds bridges of inclusion, providing more understanding and networking through an interactive and easy to use tool.


It includes all rare diseases and ages as well. It has been used in 8 countries to illuminate activities for rare disease.



Storytelling is the ideal way to connect with society and your crowd.


Black Nose is easy to understand, adaptable and it will create broad awareness. It targets a broad audience like affected families, society, partners, patient organizations, hospitals and health care suppliers.


Black Nose is fun and anyone can use it. It builds bridges of inclusion for people affected and non affected. 

It can be used by any charity organization of our network to create awareness and raise funds for their work. 

Our network unites sustainable awareness and strengthens partnership all over the world.


Charities, patient organizations and companies work together to co-create visibility and pool funds for people in need. 


All partners increase trust and visibility. 

Why a symbol for rare diseases?
How does Black Nose® work?
The Network

⚫ Black Nose is easy to use

⚫ creates awareness

⚫ increases fundraising

⚫ supports activities

Why a symbol for rare diseases?
How does it work?
  • Get in contact with us and tell us what you do

  • Sign the contract

  • Buy a number of noses

  • Use them for charity activities regarding rare diseases only

  • Increase funding and visibility through our online network and social media

How can I participate?
  • Become a partner or sponsor

  • For Partners

    • Use Black Nose® for your events and fundraising activities

  • For Sponsors

    • Support an event

    • Provide the delivery of Black Noses in your region

How can I be successful?
  • Increase broad visibility of your NGO with a unique tool and advertising through social media and media

  • Include CSR partner for funding and support for your joined efforts

  • Support directly people in need

  • Include celebrities to increase the attention for your work

  • Invite more partner to participate in your success, activities and funding

How to get involved

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please contact us at:​

Cuba Kuscheltier Comicbuch Kinder

CHF 45.-

Cuba Kuscheltier Comicbuch Kinder
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