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Background: the international Rare Disease Day is an annual event. Affected persons, family members, charity organizations, foundations and umbrella associations around the world host campaigns on the subject of «rare diseases» that day.


Black Nose® the foundation's registered trademark, is our campaign and is to motivate people to join in and show those affected that «I work for you.» Our Black Nose lives on and is currently motivating thousands of people who work for children with rare diseases and donate to our work. 


Fundraising activities

Fundraising events with partners

Media attention

reaching 4.5 M reader trough broad media campaign in Switzerland with ambassador & singer Natacha v. Moos


Poster campaigning in 400 Swiss Intercity Trains

Some examples of what you can use Black Nose® for

Comitted celebrities

Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. M. Yunus (r) supports us

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